Pretend Play Props for Creative Adventures

Playtime, Reinvented

From Our Family to Yours

Hi there, we're the heart behind Paper Pops—just a family of adventurers turning our own 'what ifs' into 'why nots.' From Rory the T-Rex to our knightly castle play screens and festive Build & Play Christmas trees, we handcraft a whole world of pretend play props to fill your home with laughter, creativity, and the kind of fun that keeps us all young.

Entertaining the kids shouldn’t be so hard.

Simple, eco-friendly, and magical.

In our house, every prop tells a story, from Billie the Crocodile's swampy sagas to Mila the Kangaroo's outback adventures. Designed for little hands and big dreams, our eco-friendly range supports any party theme and every curious exploration—because we believe every day's an occasion in a child's eyes.

An activity inside of an activity…for inside

Our Recipe for Fun!

Our family's favourite times are spent creating together—yours can be too. Each set, from our animal costumes to cardboard cubby castles, is a simple joy to assemble and
a blast to play with... It’s the perfect toy for your craft loving kids, or when you’re looking for ways to entertain them inside, and away
from the screens.

Paper Pops isn't just our business; it's a parcel of our family's joy, packed up and posted to yours. It's the thrill of seeing your kids' eyes light up as they piece together a dinosaur, a castle, or a tree and then step back to marvel at what they've made. It's the stories they'll tell and the memories you'll make.
So, from our playful home to yours, let's make every day a celebration.

Why choose Paper Pops?

We are a small local business,

every bit of support from you means the world to us, helping us bring joy and creativity to
families across Australia.

We are obsessed with getting it just right,

just like checking homework or making the perfect lunch, we're meticulous with our props to ensure they're everything your kids deserve.

We are an eco-family at heart,

turning green initiatives into action, that’s why we opt for earth-friendly materials and ditch plastic, all for our children’s brighter future.

Our family is supported by NDIS, we would love to support others in need wherever we can too,

For NDIS supported families, we can supply an invoice for NDIS funding. Please feel free to email us with your order (we recommend checking eligibility with your Plan Manager first).

We are dreaming of a world filled with laughters and fun,

we’re on a quest to fill every home with giggles and creative play, because we know the biggest adventures begin in the heart